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At Treehuggers, we happily plant and care for many varieties of Spruce trees, Maple’s,Oak’s and cedars.  Spruce trees are available 4-8′ feet tall. Maple and Oak are available 10-16′. Our black cedars range in size between 2-8′. Prices vary, please contact us for pricing. We would be pleased to show you our trees and help you pick out the one that is just right for you! By appointment only.

Balsam Fir

An iconic and classic tree. Perfect and hardy for Ontario weather.

Blue Spruce

A beautiful, ornamental tree with slightly blue tinted needles.

Norway Spruce

Native to Europe, the Norway Spruce boasts of the largest pine cones of any variety of spruce.

White Spruce

Native to North America and commonly found throughout Ontario.

Red Maple

Our Crimson King Red Maples are deep wine red and stunning! You will enjoy this tree and the shade it provides for years to come.

Red Oak

As sturdy as they come! Oak trees are big and beautiful.

Tree Services

Along with tree sales, for wholesale and retail, we offer tree installation services, including post holes, tree spade and skid steer services, tree relocation, small excavating services and of course, Christmas Trees.

Tree Care Tips

Tree care tips for planting and maintaining your newly planted tree:

1. Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball. The bottom of the hole should be loosened for drainage.

2. Soil mixture: A mixture of peat moss and a good quality soil should be prepared to replace the dirt that has been dug out.

3. When replacing soils make sure the dirt is firmly packed around the tree so that no air pockets are apparent.

4. Fiber potted trees should have the rim cut off and 4 slits cut up the sides of the pot. Do not remove the bottom. Burlapped trees will be planted into the ground by a tree spade. The burlap and wire will be left in tact and rot/rust away in time.

5. Staking your trees: taller trees or trees that are vulnerable to the winds should be staked for 2 years. Be sure that the wire does not rub on the bark (a piece of garden hose works great).

6. Tree care: fertilizing and watering are of the utmost importance. Newly planted material can be fertilized with a root stimulator such as 5-15-5 plant starter or bone meal product. DO NOT FERTILIZE WITH A HEAVY DUTY FERTILIZER ON A NEWLY PLANTED TREE FOR at least 1 year. Water 2-3 times a week for the first year and don’t forget to maintain watering the second year as well. The water has to get to the bottom of the roots, so water well with a slow gentle stream. Failure to water your trees results in a poor looking tree and eventually your tree will not survive.

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