About Us

How Treehuggers Began

Treehuggers is owned and operated by the Michitsch family and has been since 2002. Just north of the London airport in the town of Thorndale, you’ll find their family farm operated by Rob and Lisa and their two children. It all began in 2002 when Rob (a sprinkler fitter by trade) and Lisa (a medical secretary) decided to plant seedlings and establish a tree farm. Both working full time off the farm they decided growing trees could be a crop that didn’t require their constant daily attention…and so it began.

Seedlings Grow

Over the years thousands of trees have been planted, grown, hand trimmed, sold and spaded out to go to their forever homes. “We love to drive by the trees we’ve planted for people… 5, 10 or even 15 years later. It’s a sense of pride and accomplishment. They were all our little seedlings at one point”. Although Lisa jokes, “it never gets easier seeing the trees leave the farm…they become part of the family. You plant this little seedling, trim them, irrigate and care for them and you do that for the better part of 10 years…then they are gone”.

And Grow

Throughout the years there has been an increasing demand for Christmas Trees and Lisa took it as a ‘hint’, so in November 2017 Treehuggers brought in the first shipment of fresh cut Christmas Trees. The first Christmas season selling pre-cut trees was an overwhelming success and the start of new chapter on the farm. In addition to the trees we renovated an old barn on the property and turned it into a country gift store. “There’s really something for everyone here.. pottery, glassware, cheeses, quilts, candles, baby blankets, jewellery, maple syrup, preserves… the list goes on”. Now, whether you’re looking for trees to transplant, a special gift for someone or a fresh cut tree at Christmas time you can find it all in one place. “We hope to become a new destination for families who want the old fashioned Christmas… the tree, the family ornament, the hot chocolate, the small store charm…the whole bit”.

The Family Business Continues to Grow

Now offering fresh, locally grown garlic. After much success with 2 acres, the Treehuggers garlic fields will be expanded to 4 acres to help meet the demand for locally grown Ontario garlic. Our garlic began as an endeavour taken on by our children – and we are so proud of them!

Christmas Trees

Treehuggers Tree Farm does not offer a cut your own option. All of the trees we plant and raise are for landscaping sales only. We bring in fresh pre-cut Christmas Trees instead! All the hard work is done for you! All trees can be wrapped for easy transportation. We offer Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Scotch Pine 6-9′ tall as well as Fraser Fir Slim Econo’s 4-6′. Prices vary, contact Treehuggers for yearly pricing. We ask that you please do not bring your pets. Unfortunately trees seem to be “the perfect restroom” for dogs and nobody wants a Christmas Tree that smells like anything other than pine! While our property is the perfect backdrop and scerene, we kindly ask that you do not venture beyond the gift store. We have heavy machinery running year round and for your safety we do not permit anyone in the fields. We do not offer photography sessions in our fields.

Christmas Trees arrive late November!


Fresh cut and wrapped for your convenience and easy transportation.

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